Kickoff Version 4 released

Version 4 of Kickoff has been released! * cue cheers and wooping *

We’ve been working on the next major release for around 6 months now, but it’s finally ready to be pushed out into the wild to fend for itself.

If you’ve never heard of Kickoff, it’s a lightweight front-end framework we maintain at TMW to help with consistency of structure across development projects. We don’t like comparing it to frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, because we think they’re a bit unwieldy and unneeded in most circumstances – a bit like grabbing a chainsaw when all you need to do is cut through a toothpick.

If you’re new to Kickoff, check out the introduction on the Kickoff docs site.

Some of the features we’ve added into Kickoff V4 include:

SImplifying what we have

One of Kickoff’s strengths is how simple it is to get up and running with it.

Previous versions of Kickoff have been good, but we wanted to do better – so we’ve got rid of any cruft and worked on the naming conventions used throughout the framework. Little things like adjusting the names of variables and considering the folder structure throughout the framework, has all been tweaked to make Kickoff more intuitive than ever.

Improved our Yeoman Generator

As Kickoff grows, we felt we needed a better tool for choosing what aspects of Kickoff we need from one project to the next.

We’ve done a tonne of work on the Kickoff Yeoman generator, which now includes support for the Kickoff Browserify branch and our static templating framework, Statix.

Give it a whirl – you’ll never go back!

Better Documentation

It may sound like a strange thing to put into a feature list, but we’re proud of the work we’ve put into our documentation for Version 4.

If you’re a newcomer to Kickoff, or an experienced hand with it, it should be easier than ever to find your way around.

Check out the new documentation site.

More maintainable Grunt config

Gruntfile’s can become pretty mammoth, even on projects of a smaller scale.

Using the excellent load-grunt-configs npm package, we’ve now split out Kickoff’s Grunt files into more manageable chunks.

Browserify comes to Kickoff

Although not in the default build of Kickoff, we now maintain a branch in parallel which includes a setup of Browserify built in.

Find out more about Kickoff and Browserify on the docs site.

Lots more

To see a full list of the features we’ve brought to Kickoff version 4, take a look at the release notes on Github.

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