Really Good Hyperlinks #1 - Dec 11th

Welcome to the first of a regular weekly tech.tmw post, that we've inventively called 'Really Good Hyperlinks', where we attempt to filter out some of the finest links we've seen over the past week on the web.

So without further ado, let's get started:



Hot on the heels of redesigning his website, Paul Lewis has released this great canvas demo in which the user can generate their very own 3D shape by plotting 4 points on the screen.


Practice your dance moves before hitting the town with this demo from Code Club, with which you can alter the angle and speed of animations performed by a dancing robot.


A nice calming 3D wave demo to help reduce those Tuesday stresses. Created using WebGL.


Unfolding the Box Model

A really awesome interactive guide to CSS 3D transforms, by Chris Ruppel.

Animated SVGs: custom easing and timing

Ever wanted to animate a chart without the overhead of adding a large JS library to your site? Well this post, by Mike Fortress, takes us through exactly how to do so using animated SVGs.

Understanding Easing

An overview of easing in animations by Suresh V. Selvaraj.

More efficient Grunt workflows

Some essential Grunt.js tips from our very own Zander Martineau.

Sites and services

A free service that helps turn any website into an API, allowing streaming or RESTful queries. This could be useful when used in combination with technologies like NodeJS.

Ever on the lookout for quirky animations, Robin Davey's site, showing some of his work, has some beautiful examples. Good creative inspiration.

TMW links worth mentioning

Free Ride

A little hack-project we've been running at TMW, in which we track a bike around London by hooking it up with a GPRS tracker, and then leaving it on the streets to see where it goes. We'll be doing a write-up on the tech behind the project shortly.

Lynx Africa Tumblr

To celebrate the 18th birthday for Lynx Africa, we asked 18 artists and musicians to produce work for a responsive Tumblr blog.